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We have conversations about anything related to creative entrepreneurship. Whether you’re an artist, writer, digital creator or influencer.

We talk about music, books, crypto, NFTs, ecommerce, travel, digital nomads, meditation, balancing multiple careers and just the everyday hustle of being a creative business owner.

About the host

Sentini is a creative entrepreneur TEDx Speaker, author of 3 published books, singer and founder of Jungo.

Based on her latest bilingual book Black Suns/Zwarte Zonnen she has set up an Afro science fiction museum in The Netherlands.

With Jungo she provides a platform for creatieve entrepreneurs. Helping them create captivating marketing content and provides book publishing services.

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Latest Episode

In this episode I talk about the importance of written content in the form of books which can be helpful for any creative entrepreneur. I’ve gotten to know Esme Wang writer and New York Times bestselling author.

Valerie Thompkins is the author of children's book 'Girls Like Me'. She has been giving other authors advice on writing their own children's book. Go check out her amazing book on Amazon!

In this episode I speak with Mill, an entrepreneur from Cleveland, Ohio who is building his company Black Wallstreet Empire. He explains his vision for this black owned business and how he plans to expand to the mother continent of Africa.

In this interview I talk with Lil Eezy. He is an Afro beat artist from Nigeria, residing in Ghana and also is an amazing nail artists as well.

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the sTory of sapali

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Ghost Writing

There will be about 3 - 4 interviews & 1 - 5 revisions in Word.

Delivery time manuscript: within 2 - 4 weeks from the first interview.

Including editing: proofreading, syntax, grammar, akward sentences.


Character design: research is done regarding hair color, hair style, skin color, clothing style, facial expressions, background/environment.


Design interior lay-out, typography, title pages.

Design book cover and back cover.

Print & Publications

The book printing costs depend on paperback/hardcopy, the number of pages,

illustrations printed copies.

Book to be made available on platforms such as or

We can even create your webshop or manage social media accounts

Get Your Book published with us

project management

We Provided research and illustrations for the Surinamese/Dutch book. Nene Vertelt Tru Tori, by Eveline Wielzen.

Provided several articles for diversity of websites to increase SEO

Created video content, voice overs for various TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Marketing and podcast promotion of your book and or company



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